How one utensil provides a safer option to inmates and COs

The EcoSecurity Utensil may be one small change inside a facility, but it can have a big effect on safety, health and the environment. Whether it’s ensuring officer safety, inmate compliance or the smooth operation of a jail or prison, administrators have a lot on their hands. That means simple solutions can have a large impact. Enter […]

Utensil of Choice for Bob Barker’s Meatless Monday Cook-off

Tapping the Prison Market

Like most law-abiding citizens, Peggy Cross never expected to find herself in a penitentiary—let alone a prison riot. But there she was last May, looking on as inmates began taking hostages and guards moved in with shields, Tasers, and pepper spray. Fortunately, the melee that Cross, an entrepreneur from Larkspur, California, witnessed was a role-playing […]